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20 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Have Siblings

As much as they drive us nuts, we can’t imagine our lives without them. OUR SIBLINGS! No one’s closer than family, and celebrities know it as well. We’ve collected a list of celebrity siblings who tend to keep away from their brothers and sisters‘ spotlight, celebrating the joyous occasion.

1. Emma Watson with her brother Alex

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2. Brad Pitt with his brother Doug

3. Victoria Beckham with her sister Louise Adams

4. Ashton Kutcher with his twin brother Michael

5. Angelina Jolie with her brother James Haven

6. Zac Efron with his brother Dylan

7. Nicole Kidman with her sister Antonia

8. Jennifer Lopez with her sister Lynda

9. Robert Pattinson with his sister Lizzy

10. Jake Gyllenhaal with his sister Maggie

11. Kate Moss with her sister Lottie

12. Vanessa Hudgends with her sister Stella

13. Scarlett Johansson with her twin brother Hunter

14. Chris Hemsworth with his brothers Liam und Luke

15. Gisele Bundchen with her twin sister Patricia

16. Hilary Duff with her sister Haylie

17. Jessica Simpson with her sister Ashlee

18. Kevin, Joe, Nick and Frankie Jonas

19. Matt Dillon with his brother Kevin

20. Jessica Alba with her brother Joshua

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