90er Dinge
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20+ moments you won’t get, if you were born after 1998!

There are things only certain people will get. For example, people who lived in the same century. Especially today, in times with ever-evolving technology and trends only lasting for a quick minute, chances are, things considered „cool“ today are likely to be completely forgotten tomorrow.

2000s kids will probably be shocked, if you start talking about phone booths with them. You don’t believe it? Then continue reading!

#1 Google back in the day!

Video Empfehlung

#2 Rescuing your favorite mixtape!

#3 Haha… They’ll never know what this is!

#4 What are the artists on those tapes up to today?

#5 You could even call someone without „touch“!

#6 Every 90s kid knows that feeling of betrayal…

Yeah well fuck you too minesweeper

#7 The person who is able to change the batteries, gets a treat!

I bought a GameBoy at a garage sale for a buck and these finger-killers were inside. from r/nostalgia

#8 That was our iPhone!

#9 They’ll never understand how that works!

It just occurred to me that our children’s generation will have no idea what this is from r/nostalgia

#10 „No Disc, No Fun“ – but the kids today won’t get it, anyway…

#11 Yes, he was WAY hotter than your Justin B.!

#12 The kids today won’t understand the pain!

#13 This saved lives. For real!

#14 No, you can’t go to H&M with this!

#15 You’ve got Wikipedia, we had Britannica!

#16 This will remain a mystery for today’s kids as well!

Cleaning dust from a mechanical mouse from r/nostalgia

#17 Today’s kids would probably stick this on their lunchboxes…

VHS stickers…I don’t think I ever used them for their intended purpose… from r/nostalgia

#18 That was real money!

#19 This one’s awesome! And they’ll never know why!

All the guys will remember… from r/nostalgia

#20 You could actually call someone inside that!

#21 This was our first pet –  don’t laugh!

#22 We weren’t babies, we were cool!

#23 That „Bing“-sound the Game Boy made, after you started it: So. gooood!

#24 Remote control? We used to get up!

#25 „Day of the tentacle“ – waaay better than your stupid „Angrybirds“!

Quelle: giphy.com

#26 This scandal took our faith in humanity…

What else won’t today’s kids ever understand? Tell us in the comments below!