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30 of the greatest nostalgic tattoos from our community!

We normally love to show you tattoos which went horribly wrong. That’s nasty, we admit it – and we want to make up for it. That`s why we’d like to present you today a few of the best tattoos of all time – in our humble opinion. And since we specialize in revitalising happy memories, we of course chose thematically fitting tattoos.

And we didn’t draw them from random places, but directly from our own community! You, dear fans, were kind enough to show your fantastic tattoos in our Facebook comment sections. And we are happy to present a gallery with the most beautiful nostalgic motifs. Here are 30 of the greatest nostalgic tattoos from our community!

#1 A stunning Sailor Moon

Thanks, Sarah Mittelstaedt!

Video Empfehlung

#2 And all that is on his left leg!

Thanks, Sergej Belz!

#3 Remember the Care Bears?

Thanks, Alexandra Meinhardt!

#4 Only the very best from the glorious 90s, don’t you think?

Thanks, Dina Haupt!

#5 Not only nostalgic, but also romantic

Thanks, Daniela Hölken!

#6 Pikachu in pilot gear!

Thanks, Maria Hellmann!

#7 Evil Mario

Thanks, Rene Scheppan!

#8 Sweet Groot

Thanks, Christian Perfler!

#9 This is too cute!

Thanks, Sarah Purgstaller!

#10 Luna, tattooed in a beautiful water colour style

Thanks, Lisa Kießling!

#11 Lloyd from Ninjago

Thanks, Patricia Martini – a moving tattoo for her sick son, we hope he will get well soon!

#12 Super NES forever!

Thanks, Manuel Lüschen!

#13 Really outstanding: „My Neighbor Totoro“

Thanks, Melanie Bloch!

#14 Johnny as Edward Scissorhands

Thanks, Cla Rissa!

#15 Very stylish, isn’t it?

Thanks, Wolfgang Niedecken!

#16 Simple, but beautiful!

Thanks, Susanne Stromiedel!

#17 Not finished yet, but already very promising

Thanks, Rosi Drea Beastly!

#18 Dragonball!

Thanks, René Linnemann!

#19 Here comes Sailor Saturn

Thanks, Franziska Stark!

#20 What a fantastic piece of work!

Thanks, Charles Wallenta (who did the tattoo)!

#21 A tribute to The Lion King?

Thanks, Viola Pellen!

#22 Just totally powerful

Thanks, Kaoru D. Rainer!

#23 This also has style

Thanks, Dominik M Scheffler!

#24 This is evil, haha!

Thanks, Emily Erdbeer!

#25 Tigger – and is that a birth date on those toy cubes?

Thanks, Sandra Falk!

#26 A classic game: Sonic!

Thanks, Lisa-Lorraine Kreuzkam!

#27 The Lion King – „Remember who you are“

Thanks, Laura Palumbo!

#28 Listen up!

Thanks, Lukas Koch!

#29 On a mission

Once more thank you, Lukas Koch!

#30 Doffy from „One Piece“

Thanks, Teresa Je!

Do you also have great tattoos like these? Show them to us in den Facebook comment section!