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17 things that prove we all had the same childhood

We all like to think that our childhood was somewhat special and that we were so different from other children. But guess what – that doesn’t seem to be the case. This does not mean that we all experienced identical things in our childhood, but that most of us have certain little crazy thoughts and behaviour patterns in common. Do you still believe that you were that you were totally special? These 17 things prove that we were basically all the same during our childhood…

#1 We all thought we had „aqua powers“

#2 We all drew the sun in THAT SPECIAL CORNER


#3 During childhood, we all thought THIS was illegal

#4 And we all thought that we could grow trees in our tummies after eating a watermelon (did anyone succeed?)

#5 And that „magnet thing“?

me?irl from r/me_irl

#6 C’mon you counted them, too!

#7 Anger management for children

#8 And of course you also closed your eyes and leaned our heads against the window whenever the bus hit a bumpy road…

This view on a rainy day bus ride home. Head bopping against the window, and writing in the condensation.

#9 Guess you’ve tried that as well

#10 Who wasn’t afraid of this? Be honest!

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#11 Of course you also tried to push all the colours down at once, didn’t you?


#12 „The blue part erases ink!” That’s a lie we all believed

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#13 That finger running tho

Running your finger along the grooves in the wall while in school from r/nostalgia

#14 OMG a bite of that sandwich right after swimming… Pure bliss!


#15 We all overestimated the dangers of quicksand in everyday life

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#16 And most of us hung out here… at least once in their childhood

#17 Fugly forever

Did you do these things in your childhood, too? Let us know in the comment section!