90s Kid
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20 symptoms that may indicate you’re a 90s kid!

Believe it or not – the beginning of the 1990s is already nearly 30 years ago. 30! Time flies… and with that being said, as a 90s kid you may already have started to get a bit doddery and forgetful. Maybe your memory loss is so severe that you don’t even know anymore if you’re a 90s kid or not? Since we cannot bear to see you like that, check out our list below and find out…

#1 You used to have a pager …

#2 You know what phone booths smelled like on summer days

#3 You have seen a fax machine before

#4 You can sing along to „Ice, Ice, Baby“ and „Macarena“ – or at least dance to it…

#5 You have failed as a Tamagotchi parent. Tragically and irresponsibly. Sniff

#6 You know that the sounds that come out of this nice little device here could make or break your day

#7 If you were lucky, you could save a whole picture on these ancient devices (if it wasn’t any bigger than 3 MB)

#8 Dear kids of today, there was a time before „Netflix“, and we had to record our movies straight from TV

#9 You know what this is!

#10 You know how to use libraries

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#11 You’re wondering why there aren’t any good cartoons anymore

#12 Getting slimed was a bucketlist thing

#13 You wore these little helpers

#14 Clothes like these look perfectly alright to you

#15 You used to put these slap bracelets around your arm and felt super cool. Instantly.

#16 You remember the days when MTV actually showed music and not „Jersey Shore“ 24/7

#17 You know what to do with these things

#18 Your pads always looked like this

#19 They may look good on babies, but they used to look better on you at a warehouse rave

#20 You know how to „dye“ your jeans like that

Did you find out if are you are 90s kid or not? Let us know in the comments!