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10 Disney stars we used to love & what they look like now!

When we were younger, Disney stars were like superheroes to us, right? They were our idols, we saw them going through the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in their movies and series – and could totally relate to them in many aspects. Disney stars were like a cooler version of ourselves.

But since we aren’t teenagers anymore, they aren’t either. So let’s admit we’re old and see what our favourite Disney stars look like now!

#1 Ashley Tisdale/Maddie Fitzpatrick from „Hotel Zack & Cody“

Let’s be honest here – Ashley Tisdale hasn’t really changed that much. But she has definitely grown up since her time in the series „Hotel Zack & Cody“.

#2 Moises Arias/Rico from „Hannah Montana“

Wow, what a change! Just look what a HOT young man “little Rico” from „Hannah Montana“ has become – now we’re feeling old…

#3 Hillary Duff/Lizzie McGuire from „Lizzie McGuire“

Remember that cute little girl Lizzie McGuire? Needless to say, many boys had a crush on Hillary Duff back then. And she is still beautiful today!

#4 Demi Lovato/Sonny Munroe from „Sonny Munroe“

Now that’s what we call a CHANGE! Demi Lovato barely resembles her old “Sonny Munroe” character. Which makes us think about how much time has actually passed since then…

#5 Emily Osment/Lilly Truscott from „Hannah Montana“

Who would have thought that Lilly from „Hannah Montana“ would become such a pretty young lady? Time flies!

#6 Selena Gomez/Alex Russo from „The Wizards of Waverly Place“

Is it any wonder that Selena Gomez used to turn heads as „Alex Russo“? She was the crush of many teenage boys – one of them being Justin Bieber. Nowadays, she is still amazingly beautiful – but fully grown up!

#7 Jason Earles/Jackson Stewart from „Hannah Montana“

We don’t know about you, but pictures like these make us feel old. Very old.

#8 Raven-Symoné/Raven Baxter from „That’s so Raven!“

Raven-Symoné had already starred in the „Cosby Show“ and also accomplished quite a bit of success with her own TV show “That’s so Raven!” Nowadays, Raven is a successful actress.

#9 Dylan und Cole Sprouse/Zack and Cody Martin from „Hotel Zack & Cody“

Oh. My. God. Can you believe that those cheeky blondies Dylan and Cole Sprouse turned out to be such hot heartbreakers? We can’t either.

#10 Sterling Knight/Chad Dylan Cooper from „Sonny Munroe“

If you didn’t have a crush on in Sterling Knight from „Sunny Munroe“, you weren’t a true Disney fan. Ok, he might have change a lot, but he is still a stud – don’t you think?

Who was your favourite Disney star? Tell us in the comment section!